Emotional empathy is driving brand equity for pharma

How the COVID-19 pandemic is forging pharmaceutical brands into better shape.   Day by day it becomes clearer that some brands are coming through the pandemic in better shape than ever. These are the brands that have clearly demonstrated emotional intelligence, that have shown emotional empathy to their target audience. They understand the current, [...]

4 Examples Of Merging Gaming & Digital Health

Digital health solutions are increasingly merging with aspects of gaming in subtle or less subtle ways. Here are 4 examples and what they mean for the future of health. 1. Gamifying health If you have used a recent app, you might be familiar with the concept of gamification; even if you haven’t heard of [...]

Is COVID-19 altering how pharma engages with HCPs?

In May and June, Accenture surveyed 120 general practitioners, oncologists, cardiologists and immunologists in each of the following six countries: China, France, Germany, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. to understand how healthcare provider operations and needs have changed during COVID-19, and which of these changes will have long-lasting implications for how healthcare providers [...]

Choosing the Right Medical Communications Agency.

Medical Communications (MedComms) agencies have roots in medical education, and typically focus their activities around informing healthcare professionals (HCPs) about the risks and benefits of new therapies or treatments. They conceptualize, design and produce medical and scientific materials such as slide decks, conference posters, publications and abstracts for a variety of outlets and channels – [...]

New Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

On August 4th, Obesity Canada (OC) and the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons (CABPS) will release new Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). Clinical Practice Guidelines are detailed knowledge bases that systematically assess scientific evidence and the clinical experience of expert healthcare professionals to guide practitioners on how best to manage specific [...]

Technologies Shaping The Future Of Pharma

Digital health is poised to bring its disruptive force across the healthcare landscape, and the pharmaceutical industry isn’t immune to the upcoming changes. From including patients in decision-making, personalized care and automating pharmaceutical processes, the paradigm shift that digital health brings to pharma organizations is slow but steady. Here are 5 main technologies guiding the technological [...]

Behaviour science: the capability every pharma company should be building.

Why medical interventions are evolving beyond drugs to also help patients change behaviours that impact their disease. The industry is going through huge, rapid changes at the moment, with digital tools replacing many traditional communications activities and even acting as dedicated therapies – with the resulting Big Data sets requiring companies to build dedicated data [...]

Creating health information that truly meets patient needs.

From 5G conspiracy theories to misguided advice on disinfectant, misinformation around COVID-19 has reached endemic proportions. It’s a fortunate accident, then, that UK's Patient Information Forum’s (PIF) new health information accreditation scheme was launched last week. Sophie Randall, the organization’s head of strategy and partnership, says: “There is so much misinformation around COVID-19 and it’s [...]

Marketing for life science companies – drivers of change

Healthcare’s digital revolution has been transformed into a digital evolution over the last decade and, having redefined the way healthcare operates, it continues to refine the provision of care and information. Consequently, the life science industry has, as a whole, years’ experience of integrating digital tools and services in its own operations, with many standards [...]

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