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social media pharma
From drab to fab, pharma social media promotions and campaigns are not only getting better but have gotten up to speed with [...]
The drug sends a message to a caregiver after the patient swallows it. The doctor prescribes virtual reality treatments for migraines. [...]
Virtual Medical Education
Technologies such as simulation and VR can be used to help progress medical education and encourage enrolment and retention at further [...]
social media pharma
Social media is among the most valuable channels by which pharmaceutical brands can reach healthcare decision-makers, drive engagement and build their [...]
omnichannel pharma marketing
Omnichannel marketing touts delivering efforts across all channels simultaneously, and looks to dethrone the incumbent multichannel marketing, but making the switch [...]
what is speaker training
The pharmaceutical industry is defined by constant change and evolution. This ever-changing nature of the industry, driven primarily by advances in [...]

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