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The EU Artificial Intelligence Act: A New Era of Regulation 
The EU's proposed AI Act, the world's first comprehensive legal framework for AI, is set to revolutionize global AI regulation. Learn about its risk classification levels and the potential implications for the Life Sciences industry.
Leveraging Medical Communication Expertise for Medical Meetings and Events
Leveraging Medical Communication Expertise for Medical Meetings and Events  Enable knowledge exchange and scientific communication Medical and Pharmaceutical Meetings are a [...]
medical advisory boards what is advisory boards
6 Insights For Running Successful Virtual Advisory Boards
6 Insights for running successful Pharmaceutical Advisory Boards.What is an Advisory Board? Pharmaceutical advisory boards play a crucial role in [...]
Evidenced-Based Medical Communications: Unlocking HCP Engagement for HealthTech Companies
In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, it's easy to overlook the lessons that can be learned from the [...]
Six Tips for Developing a Plain Language Summary
No time to read this article, but interested in learning more about the importance of plain language when communicating your [...]
medical education agency
Behind the Prescription Pad: The Impact of Pharma’s Reputation on HCPs’ Prescribing Decisions
Two-thirds of surveyed HCPs said that they are reluctant to prescribe medications from pharma and biotech companies with a less [...]
Excellence in Customer Service and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Customer experience (CX) in the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly moving centre stage as companies look for practical ways to assess [...]
healthcare technology carolyn whiting
Carolyn Whiting receives Healthcare Technology Award
Healthcare Technology Award Our very own Carolyn Whiting, EVP, Strategy & Innovation, was recognized as one of the Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders [...]

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