Pharma Marketing: forget influencers, stick to patient advocates.

More community trust. Less forced connections. A recent UK survey found that only 14% percent of users mostly or completely trust lifestyle influencers, while 51% completely or mostly trust patient influencers. When it comes to branded pharma products, the survey was even more positive for patient influencers: 85% said they would be very or [...]

How COVID-19 is making pharma more resilient

How securing supply in a time of crisis will ensure future access, build resilience, and transform relationships. Since the start of the year, pharmaceutical companies have been riding a rollercoaster of challenges as the various strands came together to threaten supply chains. First, we saw a doubling or tripling of the usual demand for products. [...]

Pharma’s digital promos to doctors surging as priorities shift

Pharma companies rushed to get on physician and hospital screens this year with a big jump in professional ads tracked. . During the pandemic, pharma advertising to consumers has surged with messages backing science, offering financial help with perscriptions and stressing the need to continue doctor visits and vaccinations. But behind-the-scenes spending—that is, advertising [...]

Pharma and healthcare digital advertising jumps during pandemic

The industry's increase of more than 14% puts it in the number two spot by growth rates, just behind computing products and consumer electronics at 18%. As advertising increasingly moves online, so has pharma and healthcare's share. This year the industry is expected to spend more than $9.5 billion on digital media, according to [...]

Kyowa Kirin illuminates rare disease with glowing digital makeup

The visually stunning effort illustrates the connection between phosphorus, an element known for its glowing properties, and XLH, which results from a lack of phosphorus in the body and causes abnormalities. Pharma Kyowa Kirin enlisted renowned makeup artist James Mac Inerney to apply digital glowing body paint on three people living with XLH. While [...]

Are rapid progress and patient engagement mutually exclusive?

COVID-19 has sparked a flurry of research and discoveries that are being made at an unprecedented rate – but patient engagement cannot and should not be left behind in the rush. SARS-CoV-2 has demonstrated both the strengths and the weaknesses of the life sciences ecosystem, and it is now up to the sector to [...]

Digital transformation: 4 contrarian tips for measuring success

A lack of strategic clarity, an output-based focus, and tracking too many digital touchpoints can lead your digital transformation efforts astray. Focus on the following metrics instead. I recently spoke with a friend who had just returned to work from maternity leave. She told me that a digital transformation initiative regarding her company’s internal [...]

Time to change the channel? The future for HCP engagement models.

How pharma’s HCP engagement has changed over COVID-19, and what the channel mix might look like after the pandemic. The pandemic has triggered a change in how pharmaceutical companies are engaging with healthcare professionals. With in-person visits drastically reduced, pharma has been challenged to find ways to continue engaging effectively with HCPs via remote [...]

Pharma’s digital transformation and customer reference data

Precision medicine is emerging as a key approach for disease treatment and prevention, which makes it even more critical to get the right medicine to the right patients. The Pharma industry is often challenged with having accurate digital data on the doctors and the organizations they work for. Times are changing, though, and with [...]

A whole new world

The coronavirus has forced the industry to change gear, change how it communicates and, above all, change its perspective. Despite the earth-shattering turbulence of COVID-19, however, positive lessons and practices will emerge. Modern healthcare is experiencing an era-defining chapter, as international systems adjust to the very specific needs of their host countries, while also [...]

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