A Scientific Look at the Future of Conferences

A new report from the American Institute of Physics asks how the digital experimentation and lessons from the past year can make Pharma and scientific meetings more valuable in the future. With the huge impact of Covid-19 on scientific conferences, from moving online to being cancelled outright, The American Institute of Physics assembled a [...]

The power of communication: engaging diverse groups in healthcare

Communications need to be inclusive. It’s no longer about talking to a group, a cohort or an imagined section of society – especially in healthcare. Communication tactics and the strategies behind it need to be more personal to ensure that people – whoever they are – feel valued and respected. As patients, we no [...]

Post-Pandemic Physician Engagement: 4 Areas to Consider

While the need to shift sales strategies in response to market changes is nothing new to pharmaceutical marketing and sales leaders, the COVID-19 pandemic has swiftly shattered conventional methodologies and channels. What hasn’t changed is the value that physicians gain from trusted relationships with their sales reps. In fact, 2020 research conducted by consulting [...]

AI is vital for Pharma Marketers to raise engagement with physicians

Artificial intelligence (AI) is vital for pharmaceutical brands to incorporate in marketing strategies to more effectively facilitate interactions with physicians. As pharma marketers transitioned from in-person communications to digital marketing initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic, enormous amounts of data are being acquired during campaigns. Now, marketers have an opportunity to integrate analytics powered by [...]

How Pharma Marketing Funnels Evolved During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has largely influenced the way marketers and advertisers strategize and execute marketing plans for their respective brands. Last year, the industry witnessed a surge of changes in business standards, which also unveiled new ways to approach marketing channels and customers. COVID-19 has altered the consumer behaviour pattern, pushing marketers not to [...]

Why AI equity is the next step for transformational pharma

AI can be transformative for all areas of healthcare, but often these systems are built off biased datasets that don’t reflect the true diversity of the general public – leading to approaches that only work for specific populations.It might be tempting to think that because AI tools are machines, they are free from the subconscious [...]

Ways Pharma can raise the ROI of digital marketing campaigns

Pharmaceutical brands had their sales staff grounded during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, marketers within those organizations - which had primarily focused on in-person communications to reach physicians - were forced to swiftly shift to a digital approach. During this period, pharma marketers experienced a greater ROI for marketing initiatives by implementing campaigns [...]

Survey: Doctors disappointed with pharma’s digital efforts

Frustrated doctors want more empathy and relevant content from pharma on digital channels, a new Indegene study finds. Doctors’ digital dissatisfaction with pharma companies has jumped during the pandemic. Across media channels, dissatisfaction rates ranged from 23% to almost 50% of physicians who were unhappy with pharma digital's interactions, according to [...]

The future of pharma marketing

“Keith, Kotler, Maslow” has long been the Holy Trinity of pharma marketing. Great ancient thinkers all aspiring marketers were taught to learn and respect, and to whom the smartest among us learnt to often refer to. This could be through a wise quote cracked in a meeting to give the [...]