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Excellence in Customer Service and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Customer experience (CX) in the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly moving centre stage as companies look for practical ways to assess how [...]
healthcare technology carolyn whiting
Carolyn Whiting receives Healthcare Technology Award
Healthcare Technology Award Our very own Carolyn Whiting, EVP, Strategy & Innovation, was recognized as one of the Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of [...]
what is medical writing hcp learning
What is Medical Writing and how it evolved in response to the learning preferences of modern HCPs
What is medical writing? Medical writing conveys accurate, factual, and understandable information to healthcare professionals, patients, and lay audiences. An essential [...]
Is audio the next frontier for HCP communications and engagement?
Consumers are flocking to mobile devices, smart speakers like Alexa, and growing numbers of podcasts and music streaming to satisfy their [...]
Six factors to consider when developing modular content for HCP audiences
No time to read this article, but interested in learning more about the benefits of a modular content strategy? Create and [...]
Pharma Social Listening
6 Ways Pharma Brands Can Optimize HCP Social Listening
Healthcare brands have overwhelmingly increased their social media engagement. Now, they’re turning to HCP social listening technology to boost their engagement [...]
Content Development Omnichannel communication HCP education
Study finds video calls more effective in driving relationships with HCPs
Digital leaders are gaining an advantage using video calls up to three times a week. Should pharma reps keep wheeling their [...]
physician digital patient
Patients want physicians to have online presence, communication, billing options.
A good online presence and being digitally-savvy physicians can help them attract new patients and get paid when care is complete. [...]