The future of pharma marketing

“Keith, Kotler, Maslow” has long been the Holy Trinity of pharma marketing. Great ancient thinkers all aspiring marketers were taught to learn and respect, and to whom the smartest among us learnt to often refer to. This could be through a wise quote cracked in a meeting to give the [...]

COVID-19 in the workplace: how to adapt to this virtual reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly shifted the modern workplace. Many surveys have highlighted this shift, with changed expectations from both employers and employees following the departure from traditional workplaces. With employees also reporting improved work life balance and increased productivity, coupled with cost savings for business, it appears this shift from working [...]

Is Pharmaceutical innovation saving the world?

Ten months... In March 2020, the world was in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. We shut entire countries down and grounded economies to a halt in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. Think back to March, and how much uncertainty we were living under. Ten [...]

Survey finds Telehealth will likely continue beyond the pandemic

Respondents considered their telehealth experiences to be positive, but less or just as preferable to in-person visits for most factors A new Health Union survey reveals that people with chronic conditions feel that telehealth, despite its convenience and increased use throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, is generally less preferable than in-person visits, [...]

Are face-to-face medical meetings a thing of the past?

The industry went online as a result of COVID-19. But is this change here to stay? Are the days of queuing for coffee, rushing to symposiums, and the glitzy conference dinner a thing of the past? International reach Online learning makes medical education more accessible but presents challenges in terms of [...]

Digital passports – could they help life return to normal?

While restrictions on travel could prevent coronavirus transmission in the short term, digital passports showing COVID-negative and vaccination status may help reopen airports and other badly hit areas of the economy. In the longer term, the government hopes that digital passports that give a reliable indication of a person’s COVID-negative [...]

Virtual, online and hybrid medical meetings are here to stay.

Expect to see a virtual component even when in-person medical meetings resume. If you didn’t fall in love with virtual medical meetings in 2020, let’s just say you’re not alone. They came with their fair share of downsides, including the smaller volume of presented data and the lack of face-to-face [...]

A collaborative approach to greater diversity in clinical trials

The need for diversity in clinical trial populations has been a topic of discussion across regulators and the industry in general for decades. Despite the introduction of US policies, beginning with the 1993 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Revitalization Act which called for the inclusion of more women and communities of colour in clinical [...]

Is COVID-19 improving pharma’s reputation?

A new Takeda study conducted by Ipsos MORI in the U.K. finds consumers and healthcare providers favor pharma companies with a clear sense of purpose. Thinking pharma might earn a reputation halo with its COVID-19 work? Not so fast, Takeda says. Its recent U.K. study finds only an incremental boost in positive consumer sentiment. [...]

Latin America: How pharma can navigate a complex market

Bureaucracy, political upheaval, and lack of regulations continue to make Latin America a difficult market for European and North American pharma to enter – and COVID-19 has only worsened these issues. There are a number of companies that, even in the last decade, have left the Latin American market completely because they just couldn’t [...]

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