We design and execute strategic Medical Communications programs for forward-thinking Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech organizations.



Medical Pharmaceutical Communications Agency. Medical Education. Clinical Trials Reporting. Advisory Boards.



Medical Pharmaceutical Communications Agency. Medical Education. Clinical Trials Reporting. Advisory Boards.



Medical Pharmaceutical Communications Agency. Medical Education. Clinical Trials Reporting. Advisory Boards.


You have a vision, they will make sure it happens according to plan. Our project and meeting managers are responsible for development, communication and execution, as well as post-execution analysis and recommendations. This team will interact and tap into other SDM teams to MAKE YOUR STORY HAPPEN.

They love science but don’t work on a lab. They look at the complexity of your clinical data and see unique engagement and learning opportunities. They are medical writers, curriculum specialists and program designers with M. Sc. and PhDs and will work with you to set the tone and develop the content that will help MAKE YOUR STORY WIN. 

If a “picture is worth a thousand words“, picture this: your story takes shape through the brains of a team of designers, multimedia producers and editors with a mission: to challenge convention. They are the print, digital and web designers; the visual and multi-media masters and pixel–gurus who will help you to MAKE YOUR STORY SHINE

We are an interdisciplinary and

diverse group of strategists,

scientists and creative thinkers.

We craft programs that help our

clients to build solid relationships

with their audiences.

We believe exploring the

unknown is essential.

We create experiences

that help them thrive.

We are


with a deep understanding and passion for the science













strategic advice

program design

flawless execution

By connecting scientific data with visually impactful design and insight-driven solutions, we deliver programs that turn your vision, goals and potential into reality. 

For over 18 years, we have been helping TOP 20 pharma, biotech startups and health sciences organizations to translate complex science into communications strategies that genuinely and effectively connect brand, product and data to the needs of modern HCP audiences.





Strategy & Innovation



Carolyn is the architect behind our product strategy and innovative program design.

Carolyn is an expert in solving the complex equation of client needs versus industry challenges, to define unique and innovative approaches for knowledge translation. She challenges clients to rethink their program needs to help develop impactful and effective connections with their target audiences.

In almost 20 years of MedComms, Carolyn’s experience in the pharma industry started in medical writing, and primarily includes directing and developing an array of educational programs for both specialist and primary care audiences across multiple therapeutic areas.

Carolyn’s passion for creative problem solving, driving change and building growth opportunities helps SDM to deliver solutions that add value to our client’s product or portfolio strategy.

Most recently, after identifying a service-delivery gap, Carolyn led the design, development and launch of eConnext™, an all-in-one suite of virtual meeting solutions that was developed specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

In her spare time, Carolyn volunteers for a Canadian international dog rescue organization. Whether dogs are used for food, experiments, entertainment, or in the pet trade, she fights for the protections they desperately need, and has appeared before numerous courts across the country, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Her ultimate mission is to help every "good boy" and "good girl" find the forever "good" home they deserve.




People & Culture




Bonnie is a veteran advocate for the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and their fundamental relationship to achieving excellence. 

Bonnie Langer is an experienced Human Resources Executive with over two decades of experience working on enhancing the employee experience on behalf of Canadian organizations with global footprints. She applies her legal knowledge to help organizations manage workforce challenges and resolve conflicts. 

Bonnie is keen to assist underrepresented groups and raise awareness about the importance of diversity and clear team communication in today’s corporate world. With graduate-level training in psychology, Bonnie applies her knowledge and experience to help employees overcome cognitive bias and achieve win-win solutions, lessons she learned in the not-for-profit and philanthropy sector. 

Bonnie has been invited to sit on various not-for-profit boards and committees at different times during her career, and has spoken on several panels about talent development, performance management and social impact. 

When not working with her People & Culture team, Bonnie enjoys spending time with family, most often outdoors in nature. 

Robin Kerbel

President &




Over the past 17 years, Robin has defined the strategy and vision for Six Degrees Medical's growth and culture, while working closely with its clients.

A leader in creating new ways to enhance medical communications, she understands that, to facilitate effective and productive dialogue between her clients and their stakeholders, innovation is not a special feature, but a daily practice.

Robin has played an important role in helping the global healthcare community to move beyond the traditional model of medical education and scientific communications and challenges her clients to think differently.

“It’s how well you connect with stakeholders and the teams you’re supporting and build trust. Many clients have been with Six Degrees Medical from day #1, 15 years ago, because they know our goals is to make them committed to exceed their goals.”

An Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year ™ finalist and RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards nominee, Robin has worked with Fortune 500 companies, leading industry associations, not-for-profits and start-ups.

Her goal is: to create value empower organizations to differentiate themselves through effective learning experiences and game-changing content.

Vesna Ryan


Client Experience




Vesna is the mastermind behind the growth and development of client strategies.

As a trusted strategic partner, she provides solid insights and valued counsel to bring innovative solutions that have tangible impact to every partner.

She is driven to challenge and reimagine the current-state to deliver pivotal solutions with a future-state vision.

“At Six Degrees, we have built a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, processes and technologies to deliver strategic and creative solutions that exceed our partners’ objectives. Our team works as an extension of our clients’, and is committed to their success.”

Vesna has extensive experience in medical communications, offering her expertise in product life-cycle, patient groups, KOL management and scientific training to pharma, biotech and life sciences organizations in projects for a variety of therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiovascular, mental health, rheumatology, gastroenterology, oncology, multiple sclerosis, obesity and HIV.

Vesna’s 10 years of experience in the hospital industry provides a unique perspective when developing healthcare provider and patient programs.

When not solving Pharma’s most complex communications challenges, Vesna enjoys exploring different countries and learning about their cultures.

M. Colleen O'Neill

SVP, Medical and Scientific Consulting



Colleen is Six Degrees Medical’s authority for all things science.

Her extensive background and understanding of the evolving pharmaceutical landscape is key for SDM when helping clients to play a more meaningful role in people’s lives across the HCP and patient spectrum.

During her 16-year tenure with the agency, she has provided strategic oversight and developed scientific content for diverse client initiatives, including advisory boards, investigator and results meeting, scientific symposia, medical education and training programs.

Known for her strong scientific acumen and in-depth understanding of the global pharmaceutical industry, Colleen has become a trusted advisor to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. “What makes medcomms rewarding is having the opportunity to develop and execute innovative strategies that support not only client business needs, but also fill important gaps in knowledge and scientific information for their target audiences.”

Prior to joining SDM, Colleen held senior positions across a spectrum of R&D functions within the Canadian, US and global pharmaceutical industry in medical affairs, clinical development, regulatory affairs and clinical operations. In these roles, Colleen honed her skills in domains ranging from drug development, life-cycle management strategy and trial design to scientific in-licensing and KOL management, across multiple therapeutic areas, including endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, respirology and cardiology.






senior vp, finance

When it comes to the science of dollars, Ody is our guy.  

Our esteemed Senior Vice President of Finance at Six Degrees is a virtuoso in the financial domain, having refined his expertise across the globe, from Greece to the UK. His role at our agency is pivotal, as he architects financial policies focused on the company's economic vigor.

Ody's strategic finesse ensures that the company’s financial systems and controls are not only efficient but also steadfast and compliant. He is the financial helmsman, steering SDM through the ebbs and flows of industry challenges, always with an eye towards sustainable growth and innovation.

Away from the calculators and spreadsheets, Ody is a family man who finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. He cherishes moments spent with his wife and their young progeny - a daughter and a son who are the center of his world.

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