You are busy. Your stakeholders are busy. Your target audience is busy. While nothing will ever replace the value of a face-to-face meeting, the pace of life today demands a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Sure, there are plenty of virtual programs platforms available, but until now, no platform has been able to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Backed by years of experience developing strategic communications for global pharmaceutical clients, the Six Degrees Medical team began closely examining the specific functionality that would enable a seamless virtual program experience created specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Following extensive exploration, our team at Six Degrees Medical is excited to announce the launch of eConnext™, a revolutionary new suite of virtual meetings solutions that deliver unmatched audience engagement through easy, intuitive online environments. The eConnext™ suite utilizes Six Degrees Medical’s unparalleled medical communications expertise to deliver effective solutions customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

The eConnext™ suite includes:

Create live, large-scale meetings, such as investigator/site staff training to deliver unparalleled engagement through results-oriented communication.

Find new ways to engage with your advisory boards, working groups and steering committees through dynamic and convenient meetings and work spaces.

Conduct next-level disease state and product and competitor training across multiple regions at one time.

Build out your town hall-style meetings to include multiple offices, bringing together your organization like never before.

Create, house and increase the longevity of your key content and existing assets to maximize opportunities to connect with your target audience using persistent content hosting options.

Why use eConnext™?

Having worked closely with the pharmaceutical industry for well over a decade, Six Degrees Medical has an advanced understanding of the best practices for engaging with and gaining buy-in from the industry’s unique audience. Six Degrees Medical’s experience sets eConnext™ apart from other online meeting programs on the market today, combining flawless execution, medical writing, and pharmaceutical industry content development expertise in a multi-faceted, highly customizable suite of solutions.

– Branded to client, company, product, and/or program
– Options to further customize with a branded landing page, functionality, and more

– Reduce project lifecycle and resource requirements
– Reduce costs associated with venue sourcing and logistics

– Track attendee activity and participation
– View reporting of key event metrics at multiple levels

How it works

In partnership with leading technology platform providers, eConnext™ offers end-to-end digital attendee management , from meeting invitation and secure system access to post-meeting evaluation and enduring content hosting. eConnext™ is the only pharma-specific virtual meetings suite that can provide your organization with the opportunity to tailor the platform option to the specific event and desired outcome.

Step 1: Working with you to design the program
– Your strategic input is leveraged to design agendas and meeting structures
– New content is developed and existing content is adapted for online delivery
– Instructional material and audience interactivity is custom-designed to support two-way communication and increase engagement
– Speaker and host training is conducted in line with the program strategy and goals

Step 2: Supporting you as the program rolls out
– Ongoing project management and support in preparation for go live date
– Online platform setup and management
– Live broadcast facilitation and recording
– Ongoing hosting of on-demand content

The convenient way to increase stakeholder engagement

eConnext™ users can expect an integrated virtual program solution that seamlessly blends multiple functionalities into a singular, flawlessly executed, customizable interface, delivered on-strategy, on-budget, and on-time.

eConnext™ can assist your organization in developing engaging and effective global meetings, to find out more, visit the eConnext™ page by clicking on the banner below.

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