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Q: What was the rationale behind the creation of Reimagine Science. Break Through.?

A: When thinking about our brand and how we position

ourselves to the market, it is clear what we can do for our clients, and how we do it. However, there is a layer that we felt was not very clear: WHY we do what we do. At the same time, clients – whether they are individuals or organizations – are paying more attention to partners that have a clear mission and values that speak to their own. After a Bootcamp session with the working group – the entire management team and other staff members – and hours of brainstorming and discussions, we agreed that Reimagine Science. Break Through. captures exactly the concept we were looking for: our ability and commitment to challenge the status quo and reimagine ways of creating value for our clients.

Q: What change is it supposed to spark amongst or with the staff?

A: It is not a change, but the reassurance of the great work

we do. For 15 years, we never stopped challenging ourselves to go the extra mile and do things differently. That’s how we built and consolidated our reputation in the industry and that’s how we will move forward on the journey into the future.

Q: What happens with Communicate. Consult. Train?

A: Although we are not removing it from our brand portfolio,

expect to see a reduction in its use, as we move towards a more inclusive brand.

Q: What happens with We create learning?

A: It will continue to be an essential part of our brand promise. While we consider that Communicate. Consult. Train may restrict the scope of our work, We create learning is still relevant as a representation of WHAT we do.

Q: What happens with the current brand and its elements?

A: There will be no change to the main elements of the brand: font, colours, logos or icons. However, we will incorporate Reimagine Science. Break Through. to our current brand language, which means updates on PPT templates, email signatures and our online properties are already on the works.

Q: Are we changing our website look n’ feel?

A: A few structural and design changes are already being made as part of the website evolution plan to rank better on Google searches, accommodate new services and make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. Now we will add Reimagine Science. Break Through. to it just like everywhere else. So yes, expect a different looking website on June 6th!

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