Pharma’s digital transformation and customer reference data

Precision medicine is emerging as a key approach for disease treatment and prevention, which makes it even more critical to get the right medicine to the right patients. The Pharma industry is often challenged with having accurate digital data on the doctors and the organizations they work for. Times are changing, though, and with [...]

A whole new world

The coronavirus has forced industry to change gear, change how it communicates and, above all, change its perspective. Despite the earth- shattering turbulence of COVID-19, however, positive lessons and practices will emerge. Modern healthcare is experiencing an era-defining chapter, as international systems adjust to the very specific needs of their host countries, while also [...]

Pharma and the modern patient: creating a real connection

Over the past few years, our digital world has moulded a new kind of patient – engaged and empowered individuals who want to be actively involved in their health journey. With access to different treatment paths and complementary approaches based on location, physician, insurance, funds and more, therapies are becoming more personalized than ever [...]