Why drip learning experiences are the future of physician engagement

Physicians are busy. Convenience is paramount.

A drip learning system gives pharma organizations the ability to supply training and updates to HCPs in small, digestible bits of information.

Instead of inundating HCPs with an entire website’s worth of information to sift through inefficiently, with all the work put on them, drip learning experiences can guide them through a brief but immersive digital experience on their device.

This strategy makes digesting information simple and time-efficient. Then, if HCPs are interested in learning more, they can be directed to a specific area within the website where additional information can be found.

What is a drip digital experience?

Think of it like an elevated Instagram story specifically designed for HCP consumption. It brings educational and promotional content to life using:

  • Personalization
  • Interactivity
  • Efficiency

Create personalized digital experiences

One of the benefits of using digital experiences is that they can deliver personalized messages to healthcare practitioners, something that a brand website fails to do.

Which sounds more engaging: receiving a generic advertisement promoting a brand or receiving a compelling digital story that addresses physicians by name and recommends a brand tailored to their interests? It’s a no-brainer.

Maximizing engagement is key when trying to persuade HCPs to prescribe your brand. A Microsoft study found that human attention span has dropped from 12 to eight seconds in over a decade. If a physician isn’t immediately intrigued, they’ll likely move on.

Make digital experiences interactive


Each digital experience can include animation, video, and more, further increasing HCP engagement. Maybe a bar graph pops up with the brand’s efficacy data or a moving voiceover is paired with a photo of a patient who has had success using a particular brand to elicit empathy in healthcare practitioners. Human connection is a valuable tool that shouldn’t be underestimated.

With digital drip learning, brands have an abundance of options for enhancing user experience. The integration of various design techniques, as well as the bite-sized nature of digital experiences, are especially effective in an age where attention span is decreasing.

What better way is there to pique and hold someone’s interest than offering up a selection of curated pages of relevant images, moving parts, and informative text that gets straight to the point?

Digital drip learning for physicians are fast to create

Plus, digital experiences are not only consumed quickly, they are fast to produce. Think about how long it takes to get a website or website update approved. Digital experiences can be approved and launched in a fraction of that time.

They are time-efficient for brands and for physicians. A win-win design.


Pharma digital experiences provide actionable analytics

One major drawback of solely leading physicians to websites is the lack of data that can be collected from the multitude of random clicks. Have you ever looked at Google Analytics User Flow report? It’s like spaghetti. Every user’s journey through a website is different; this is not the case with digital experiences.

With the streamlined linear messaging of digital experiences, healthcare practitioners all move through the story page-by-page, which means it’s easy for the brand to identify HCP behaviour and be provided with physician-level data. For example, physicians can click through statistics and respond to surveys. They can also use call-to-action buttons to link to pages for booking rep visits, ordering samples, and so on.

Brands can more easily determine what’s working and what’s not.

Drip learning provide new opportunities for pharmaceutical brands

Websites are not dead, but it’s time to unite fronts by implementing the use of snackable digital experiences to engage physicians in a fresh way.

With digital stories, brands can maintain engagement with eye-catching interactive features and appeal to specific physicians through personalization, rather than reaching out to the faceless masses, hoping someone bites. Each experience is brief and can be created quickly. With less time spent updating a website, brands can engage more HCPs.

Minimize clutter and optimize engagement with snackable digital experiences.


Having the best partner can be valuable when learning how to navigate this often complex landscape. Six Degrees Medical can help identify where valuable audience engagement occurs and develop a program and content strategy that speaks to your program goals, whether short or long term.