What is Speaker Training? How important is it to the Pharma industry?

The pharmaceutical industry is defined by constant change and evolution.

This ever-changing nature of the industry, driven primarily by advances in therapies, medical devices and disease management, creates a constant demand for Pharma companies to educate healthcare professionals (HCPs), ensuring scientific data is accessible and accurately interpreted.


A major part of this education effort is taken on by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) - highly

respected experts in a particular therapeutic area or segment of the industry, who support the dissemination of scientific information and drug innovations to their HCP peers, which is a fundamental activity for the continued improvement of patient treatment and health outcomes.

what is speaker training

Ideally, speaker training programs are leveraged by pharmaceutical companies to develop both the presentation and communication skills in KOLs who have this subject-matter expertise. This combined approach yields persuasive scientific authorities who champion knowledge dissemination and guide their peers in improving patient management and expanding treatment options.


Pharma companies select well-known KOLs within a disease area to participate in their

speaker training programs, and establish them as future champions for product or advances in disease management. But how does it work?


The optimal outcome for speaker training educational programs is an all-inclusive forum for developing the scientific knowledge and communication skills required to make KOLs compelling ambassadors for the disease and its effective management with the latest treatment options:


Focus is on the latest developments in the disease state and treatment advances.


Special attention is given to the

content, ensuring it is non-promotional and HCP engagement is compliant with local regulations.


Presentation and communication skills are directly tied to the scientific developments.


Speakers learn effective techniques for connecting with their audiences, with a focus on creating action relevant to the scientific context.

When executed well, speaker training programs are an effective tool to create expert presenters who not only can communicate the science, but also drive peer actionand advocate for the Pharma company’s life-changing treatments.

Speaker training has become even more vital in this age of digital transformation, where the means of communication and technical tools at a speaker’s disposal are much more diverse and play a much more significant role in a speaker’s ability to convey the same scientific message. For Pharma, this means putting a bigger emphasis on speaker training to provide well-designed programs that set their KOLs up for success.

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