How AI meets medical affairs teams’ evolving need for KPIs.

The MA role is evolving from disease and product specialists to curators and connectors of outcomes-focused information. For these teams to have an even greater impact on the healthcare ecosystem, they must be able to measure the impact and ROI of their activities.The spotlight in the pharmaceutical industry is on cultivating and enhancing superior medical [...]

Pharma’s reputation is holding strong during COVID-19.

Consumers credit pharma efforts to develop vaccines and find treatments for COVID-19 for better industry perceptions during the pandemic. (Getty/RossHelen) Pharma’s reputation is holding strong these days, the latest Harris Poll survey shows. That’s good news again for the industry—but why the change? With this survey, The Harris Poll asked Americans that question. And, perhaps [...]

Why Big Pharma Is Betting on Blockchain.

Since the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, world-class hospitals from New York to Atlanta to San Francisco struggled with shortages of basic safety equipment. Masks, gowns, and face shields have all been in short supply, and the race to get more has meant hospital staff and public officials desperately searching for reliable suppliers. Elsewhere [...]