Simple innovations that matter in the time of coronavirus.

The Distancer is a simple, handheld device that aims to help ensure the safety of key workers. None of us are enjoying the loss of self-determination that this invisible enemy has brought into our lives. The feeling of helplessness just doesn’t suit us. It certainly doesn’t sit well with the Page & Page team. Galvinised [...]

As businesses reopen, it’s crucial we wear masks.

In a perspective piece published in the journal Science, UC San Diego experts describe in detail the growing evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can be spread by asymptomatic people via aerosols - a reality that deeply underscores the ongoing importance of regular widespread testing, wearing masks and physical distancing to reduce [...]

COVID-19’s Long-Term Impact on Drug Development: The New Pragmatism

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not easy to think about next year. The pharmaceutical industry is leading the charge to find therapies and develop vaccines, while simultaneously modifying existing trials to the new environment, and keeping their staff and patients safe. But the industry will be different after the crisis passes, and sponsors must [...]

Coronavirus disinformation finds new avenues on unexpected sites.

Within days of social media companies taking down a viral video touting conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus, a clip popped up on YouTube telling viewers about another way they could still access the banned footage: through a link to the video on the file-sharing service Google Drive. Google Drive is not a social [...]

AI Hype Or AI Hope: When Will AI Disrupt The Pharmaceutical Industry?

Original link In the past decade or so, artificial intelligence has gone from the pages of science fiction novels to a very real power that has disrupted — or threatens to disrupt — nearly every process on earth. AI helps our cars, aircraft, and spacecraft navigate, offers you movie suggestions on Netflix, and facilitates [...]