Healthinote app aims to cut through COVID-19 misinformation

With COVID-19 misinformation in abundance on social media and even news wires, a smartphone app called Healthinote has been launched to provide reliable information about the pandemic. The app – developed by Cognitant using information from the NHS, medical charities, universities and pharmaceutical companies – promises to provide “credible, usable and verified” advice to [...]

The impact of big pharma on Covid-19

As more trials take place and new emerging therapies are publicised, drug companies will now be under pressure to show their own compassion regarding drug development royalties. Moreover, in a time of economic regression and global health fears due to Covid-19, the reputations of pharmaceutical companies are on the line and their impact on the [...]

What’s happening in the labs of pharma companies worldwide.

A quick summary of major pharma players looking for COVID-19 solutions: While most of the global population is under lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many laboratories in the pharma industry are striving to tackle the pandemic. Some companies are repurposing or developing treatment, others are focusing on vaccines, tests or technology to [...]