A Start-up’s Path to Successful Investigator Meetings

A new pharmaceutical company needed to organize investigator meetings throughout the US and Europe. However, being a start-up, the company did not have an existing base of sites to pull from. With only one month between invitations and the day of the meetings, it was critical that they seek the assistance of a Medical Communications partner who could offer them a full-service approach as they delivered two meeting dates.


Multifaceted offering delivers value beginning to end

As the chosen partner, Six Degrees Medical (SDM) was responsible for the design of collateral for all pre-meeting outreach and invitations and sending them out to the chosen sites in a timely manner. SDM then set out to tackle all the meeting details, helping the client in developing presentations, engaging speakers, and ensuring the accuracy of all presentation materials.

Worth noting was the fact that SDM was also responsible for managing participants’ expectations before, during, and after the meeting dates. All event materials needed to communicate to the sites that attendance at the meeting did not alone guarantee that they would be a chosen site to participate in the trial.


Exceeding expectations for clients and investors alike

Across the two meetings close to 100 site staff were trained, representing 14 countries. The participants were fully engaged throughout the program, ensuring that they were prepared to start recruiting upon return to their home country. The client was pleased with the number of sites represented, and further engaged SDM to assist their chosen sites in recruiting patients.

This second phase of the project includes:
• Naming the trial and creating trial branding
• Social media outreach to create awareness and recruit patients
• Developing patient recruitment materials
• Developing trial support materials.

Having completed more than 400 successful trial operations meetings, Six Degrees Medical has a unique understanding of the key elements that influence success, and the client is excited about starting this important first trial.


“I have had the great opportunity to work with Six Degrees Medical on multiple occasions over the years and have always been pleased with the way the team goes above and beyond to ensure our projects are executed to the highest standards. I look forward to the next project!”

“Creative minds, fantastic help developing ideas, great processes, satisfying end products and always quick turnarounds.”

“One of the most thorough, scientific and professional companies to work with.”