Communications Strategy
Goes Virtual

How one client flipped the script on traditional
Pharma clinical trial results meetings.


A leading global pharmaceutical company was searching for a way to ensure audience reach and engagement of trial site staff for a virtual clinical trial results meeting. To differentiate its event, the company wanted to find a way to not only expand the educational opportunity by using an online meeting forum but also to present traditional trial data in a fresh and exciting way.


The company needed a virtual platform that would provide all of the value of an in-person meeting as well as support a multimedia approach to ensure the data presentation was meaningful and impactful to their target audience


Provided by Six Degrees Medical, the solution addressed this challenge in two ways:

  1. By offering a revolutionary approach to online meetings using Six Degrees Medical’s eConnext™, a virtual program solution.
  2. By using Six Degrees Medical’s ability to transform data into creative, insightful and focused communications that make science meaningful and deliver results virtually to audiences around the world.

An ALL-IN-ONE suite of virtual meeting solutions, was offered to reach a global audience of trial site staff located in North and South America, Europe, India and Russia to share the results of a clinical trial. Each broadcast was 60 minutes in duration, with the option for on-demand access following the results meetings.

Program design and content support

It was determined that enhanced audience engagement would be best achieved through segmented topics followed by live subject-matter expert discussion – delivering the key data in smaller, bite-sized pieces, as well as competitive learning through the virtual environment. Six Degrees Medial provided strategic recommendations to the meeting agenda, developed flow and overall concept, and assisted the client in honing the strategic content messaging, including the script for the virtual instructional video and presentation segments

Speaker engagement and production support

Speakers at the virtual event participated in training to equip them with the skills needed to be effective within a virtual meeting and on-camera scenario. This phase included pre rehearsals, slide reviews, and on-site, on-camera run-throughs while utilizing green screen technology. Production support included storyboarding and the development of a teleprompter script, as well as wardrobe consultations for presenters.

Audience engagement support

The audience engagement strategy began with thorough planning and implementation of pre-event communication, including a video-based invitation from the global principal investigator, the pre-meeting survey, well-timed event reminders, and even a “sneak peek” opportunity for delegates to visit the revolutionary custom virtual environment before the event took place.

Interactive learning opportunities were developed to take place throughout the event, such as knowledge-testing questions hidden throughout the virtual environment (a.k.a. a virtual scavenger hunt), competitive learning opportunities in which country teams could earn points and Q&A functionality for the audience to ask questions during the event.


Backed by decades of experience working with pharmaceutical clients, Six Degrees Medical developed and tailored an entirely virtual environment specifically designed to cater to trial site staff by tuning into the virtual event and exploring the on-demand content. Not only did the immersive virtual environment serve to engage remotely with the site staff, but it also facilitated a unique, creative presentation of the traditional trial data. These two dynamics culminated in a new and exciting delivery of content.

Far more similar to a physical convention centre than an online webinar, the event provided the client with unprecedented reach, producing multiple contact points before, during and after the delivery date.

• Participants benefited from live presentations, on-demand content, and country-based competitions.

• Though the broadcasts were designed to be one hour in length, final event metrics revealed participants remained in the virtual environment for an average of just over two hours.

• 26% of the participants who attended on broadcast day returned to the platform in the following days, and these returning participants stayed for an average duration of just over an hour and a half.

• Participants were given the opportunity to rank their experience numerically, and the results in all categories hovered just below 5/5 (the highest score possible).

Having completed more than 400 successful trial operations meetings, Six Degrees Medical has a unique understanding of the key elements that influence success, and the client is excited about starting this important first trial.

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Client team members from the global pharmaceutical company were thrilled with the outcomes of the virtual results meeting, particularly after reading first-hand feedback comments from site staff, including:

“The quality of the overall service, and the professionalism of the team at every step excelled my expectations. Great partners.”

“Great presentations!”

“Not like any other experience!”

“New platform is great!”