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<TITLE> Multi + Omnichannel Education & Engagement

  Increase the value of your medical education and training programs

 <BODY TITLE> Provide the right content, through the right channel, at the right time


<BODY> Multichannel and omnichannel models offer more value to your HCP education programs through the strategic integration of targeted content with multiple communications channels, including both traditional and digital media. This approach allows initiatives to be tailored and aligned with the preferred learning styles of specific HCP personas, creating a customized, engaging and seamless experience.


<BODY TITLE> Create targeted, value-added initiatives that successfully move HCPs along the advocacy ladder


<BODY> Our approach focuses on three key areas to effectively engage with HCPs:


consultation                                        Content                                                   channels and
   & strategy                                           execution                                                  deployment



[Recommended graphic: a magnifying glass to represent examining priorities]


We closely examine your strategic priorities and audience needs to create a foundational strategy for achieving a successful multichannel and omnichannel experience.


Positioning & creative strategy

  • Pinpoint the learning focus by creating a better understanding of your initiative’s target audience through the development of detailed and specific audience personas.


Learning Experience Design (LxD)

  • Create experiences that are learner-centred and goal-oriented. Click here to learn more about LxD.


Key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Measure the return on investment (ROI) by using the right channels and platforms that align with the initiative’s KPIs.




[Recommended graphic: a target to represent creating targeted content]



We create and organize multiple formats of engaging medical education content and pair them with each individual channel to target specific audience personas and cater to their preferred learning styles.


Content strategy & planning

  • Implement a strategy for medical education content distribution that is interactive, aligned with consistent messaging, and well-customized for audience and channel.


STEMTM development

  • Our STEMTM (Structured Engagement and Messaging) document is the foundation for adapting content and ensuring alignment across all channels, platforms, and initiatives.


“Pull” Engagement Model

  • Apply a “pull” rather than “push” engagement model by strategically drawing HCP interest and fostering an ongoing relationship with your brand, therapy or product.




[Recommended graphic: several different screens (phone, tablet computer) to represent digital channels and a group of people to represent traditional channels]


We ensure each channel offers tailored medical content that aligns with your business goals and is scalable to accommodate updates and expansion into new channels.


  • <BUTTON> Traditional
  • 1:1 activities and interactions
  • Group events


  • <BUTTON> Digital
  • Fixed
  • Interactive



<BUTTON – Traditional>

  • 1:1 activities & interactions
    • MSL-customers (HCPs) interactions
    • Med info and online services
    • Clinical operations team interactions with trialists
  • Group events
    • Advisory board meetings
    • Congress booth/med info centre
    • Congress symposia
    • Meet-the-expert
    • Lunch & learns and small-group education sessions
    • Summit-style events
    • Speaker training
    • Other stand-alone events


<BUTTON – Digital>

  • Fixed
    • Email
    • Websites
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • Downloadable assets
    • Social media (passive)
    • eLearning (traditional)
  • Interactive
    • AR/VR
    • Educational apps
    • Social media (active)
    • eLearning (adaptive)
    • Interactive video experiences
    • Multimedia educational resources



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