We blend our knowledge in digital communications tools with our expertise in program design, to reach, engage and captivate your target audiences. 




You’re invited to a Six Degrees Medical



We invite you to an Innovation Meeting where we can tailor our featured offerings to your portfolio and build off of one another’s ideas to design or redesign your HCP programs and initiatives, and help develop entirely new and memorable approaches for your business.








We can help you engage stakeholders with the right content, on the right channel, at the right time.

Deliver successful virtual and hybrid events, in the right virtual platform, with outstanding scientific content, and a program designed for enhanced interaction and engagement.

eConnext™ includes all the components you need for a successful program:

Strategic planning for legacy and future programs

Whether you need help transitioning face-to-face programs to a virtual setting or integrating the hybrid model into your portfolio of medical meetings, we have the expertise and experience to guide you in finding the right path.

The right platform for your event

We will select the platform that best fits your needs, following your program’s specifications and IT requirements.

SDM works with a variety of platform vendors, allowing for more flexibility to your organization.

Program design for meetings online of all types and sizes

Our specialists will collaborate with you to create the structure and direction for your event, conveying the various layers that need to be in place for a perfect translation of your program goals and learning outcomes.

Scientific content development

Our teams of B.Sc and Ph.D. Medical Writers will help to translate your science and develop the content outline, having your audiences and program goals as the start and finishing lines

Meeting production, coordination and logistics

Project & Meeting Managers, Graphic Designers and Program Specialists with solid international experience will manage attendee registration and expedite program development and production, with high-quality results.

Interactivity, engagement and communications plan

We also design engagement and communication touchpoints, delivering sessions and activities that effectively connect your audiences to you and your programs, ensuring maximum participation and knowledge retention.


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Innovation Meetings are deeply immersive and highly engaging collective experiences. Facilitated by members of Six Degrees Medical’s Executive Team, these meetings aim at helping you design or redesign your HCP programs and initiatives, and develop entirely new and memorable approaches for your business.

The first step is to have a clear topic to tackle. We call it the Single Overall Objective. The overall objective usually starts with a verb like learn, contribute or decide. Be clear on why you’re having the meeting (purpose) and what should be delivered (outcomes). From there we will work with you on all the pieces that need to be in place for the day of our session.

When your goal is to get people to be creative, it’s essential to walk the walk. An Innovation Meeting should never resemble a traditional session because the intention and output are fundamentally different – and that’s why having an experienced moderator like Six Degrees Medical is so important.

Over the past 15 years, we have helped TOP 10 Pharma companies

reshape strategies and rethink the way they create impact for

internal and external stakeholders.